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Nimitt Consulting helps clients succeed in the constantly changing regulatory arena and deliver health care in an effective, cost-efficient manner. We help our clients address the clinical, operational, financial, and reimbursement implications associated with payment systems, particularly around emerging medical technologies. Services include regulatory and compliance reviews, financial impact data analyses, market access and reimbursement strategic planning; audits, advocacy, and training. We bring insights from our significant claims data analyses to inform various research questions and reimbursement questions.

Health Care Advisory Services

Nimitt Consulting analyzes the changing regulatory and reimbursement environment and helps clients understand current rules and implement processes that maximize compliance and minimize reimbursement leaks. We work with providers to ensure that daily operations meet all coding, billing, and coverage rules. We spearhead data-driven advocacy efforts for hospitals, non-profit organizations, industry associations, drug and device manufacturers, and other stakeholders. On behalf of our clients, we engage in dialogue with staff from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and its contractors to improve coverage, payment policies, and reimbursement.


Case-Mix Development

Nimitt Consulting is experienced in leading large international technical assistance projects on implementing case-mix financing. We educate senior government officials, policy-makers, and local experts on all aspects of developing and implementing case-mix based financing systems. Our team of experts is uniquely skilled at providing and coordinating all necessary activities, including leading local teams to establish new coding and costing systems; analyze hospital and post-acute care financing policies; collect demographic, clinical, and cost data; develop legislation and regulations to support these new mechanisms; and provide education and communication to providers and patients.


Training & Education

Nimitt Consulting offers a variety of training and educational services to enhance provider operations. Jugna Shah’s dynamic and no-nonsense style captures her audiences and leaves no doubt about what the rules and requirements are. Our publications and trainings help staff fully understand and effectively implement compliant coding, billing, and reimbursement-related changes. Popular educational offerings include comprehensive analyses of Medicare Proposed and Final Rules, and tailored programs to address clients’ identified needs. Jugna Shah frequently presents throughout the U.S. and internationally.


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