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Provider Roundtable

Nimitt Consulting realized that providers have a unique and important perspective on health care regulations. So, in 2003, Nimitt Consulting along with 3M Health Information Systems (3M HIS) and HCPro, Inc., created the Provider Roundtable to give hospital professionals a forum to communicate effectively with CMS on critical health care regulation issues.

What is the Provider Roundtable?

The Provider Roundtable (PRT) brings together a group of hospital representatives from around the country who are experienced in managing under OPPS/APCs, IPPS/MS-DRGs, and the MPFS. These professionals deal with Medicare regulations on a daily basis and have important information to communicate with CMS about the impact of Federal regulations on daily operations and finances.

The PRT provides a unique opportunity for peers from around the country to provide CMS with information on the impact future health policy and payment system changes can have on hospital operations.

The voices of front-line professionals dealing with Medicare rules and regulations should be the most significant when CMS is considering changes to its payment systems. The PRT provides ongoing input to CMS on health care policy and regulatory changes, including coding, billing, coverage, and reimbursement changes.

Today the Provider Roundtable is sponsored by Nimitt Consulting, 3M HIS, and HCPro.

Who Serves on the Provider Roundtable?

PRT members are employed by a hospital or health system and come from health information management, finance, the business office, patient accounting, clinical and ancillary departments, and information systems. The PRT meets face-to-face twice a year, and by conference call throughout the year and provides detailed comments on numerous issues raised in CMS’ proposed rules. The PRT also routinely provides oral testimony to the HOP Panel (formerly the APC Advisory Panel). Past issues they have presented on include the separately payable observation APC, packaging, packaged revenue codes, the inpatient-only list, drug administration, use of HCPCS codes for evaluation and management services, appropriate rate-setting for combinations of CPT codes, and much more. The PRT has been successful over the years in communicating with CMS, the HOP Panel, the American Hospital Association, and other industry organizations and associations. Many of the PRT’s concerns have been heard over the year and their recommendations implemented.

Provider Roundtable’s Activities

To read more about the Provider Roundtable’s activities, download most recent documents below.

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